​When the best of the past survives in our time

​Ocean Hotel was originally called Villa Strandhøj. It was built in the 1860s, initially as a holiday home owned by E.B. Petersen, the founder of Amager Bank.

There were very few buildings in this area. The best-known was the Bryggergård (Brewer’s Yard), which dates back to the 17th century. It housed the families of employees of Kastrup pottery and tile works. At the beginning of the 20th century, Petersen converted the house and made it a permanent residence for himself, his wife and 11 children.​

Kastrup Bank was founded in the Master’s Room here in 1903. Banking activities were operated from the house until 1927. The house has had several enterprising owners over the years. In addition to the bank, it has also housed a smithy and a rye bread factory.

When I took ownership on 1 September 2006, the house was inhabited by one small family. Many rooms were not in use and I knew I would have to put my back into refurbishing and refitting the building to meet contemporary hotel standards.

I and my dedicated team of diligent staff have together created a highly professional boutique hotel with a unique atmosphere. We do our utmost to make our guests feel at home and to make their stay at Ocean Hotel unforgettable in every way.

​We are constantly finding new ways to improve our services, whether you are a guest staying overnight or or taking part in a meeting. Our guests themselves are indeed our most important source of inspiration and the reason we love our work!

Ocean Hotel is part of the Saltholm ownership group, whose members co-own the island of Saltholm in the Oreseund straights. In the olden days, ownership gave the partners summer grazing rights on the island for horses, cattle and other four-legged creatures. Parts of the island with a large wildfowl reserve are protected areas¨.

The grazing rights are now leased to a farmer for the benefit of his 400 cows. The island of Saltholm has only one resident family. It is possible to sail to the island by special agreement. If you have your own boat, you can moor in the harbour.
Read more about Saltholm: www.saltholm.dk/

The Ocean Hotel and Conference Centre opened on 18 January 2007

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​Ocean Hotel and Conference opened on 18 January 2007. Ocean Hotel was formerly Villa Strandhøj, built in the 1860s. The house served as a cottage for Amager Bank founder E.B. Petersen and his family.

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